We have listed below many of the frequently asked questions concerning our services, however please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries or concerns regarding any other issues.

Q: Can we view the cars?
A: We actually encourage you to come and view the cars, to give you an idea of the
amount of the space available for you in the car. Just contact us to arrange an

Q: Where are you based?
A: We are in Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent.


Q: How many cars do you have?
A: We currently have up to 6 cars available.


Q: How much deposit do l need to pay?
A: £100.00 per car non-refundable booking fee is required to secure the date, with the balance being due one month before the wedding


Q: How can l pay for the hire of the cars?
A: Cheque or cash.


Q: Do you only take wedding bookings?
A: Yes we are a fully committed wedding hire company.


Q: Is the Beauford a vintage car?
A: No. (But does it matter!!!) The Beauford is a replica car based on 1930’s looks.
These cars when built have to meet modern safety standards before they can be
driven legally on the road. As such they drive and “feel” like most modern cars
albeit with a far more eye catching external appearance!
The majority of mechanical parts are readily available which is an added bonus.


Q: Does the open top Beauford car have a roof?
A: Yes. The car is suitable for all weathers and all seasons. The convertible has a
mohair hood which takes a few minutes to take up or down and for this reason it is
not practical to take the hood up and down constantly during a wedding.
Most brides prefer to have the roof fitted en-route to the wedding ceremony and
then [weather permitting!], to have the roof removed for the journey to the
Of course we can manage to drop the hood for a few photos at the reception,
again, weather permitting!


Q: Do you have umbrellas in the cars?
A: Each car has an umbrella to cover as many of the bridal party as is possible.
It is however advisable for you to have your own supply on standby together
with ushers to assist the bridal party.


Q: Do you offer cars for other events?
A: No, our business is designed exclusively for weddings.


Q: Can you do weekday weddings?
A: Yes. Our services are available for almost any day of the year, and reduced terms
apply to weekday [Mon-Fri] weddings.


Q: Are the cars insured?
A: Yes we hold full wedding hire insurance.


Q: How soon do I need to book a wedding car?
A: As early as possible to avoid disappointment. Most couples make their car
bookings around 12 months prior to the wedding, however subject to
availability, it may be possible to cater to weddings with only 24 hours notice.


Q: Do you do Civil Ceremonies?
A: Yes. We are also willing to wait while the ceremony takes place in order for
photographs to be taken with the car after the ceremony, or to take the bride
and groom to a more photogenic [nearby] location if preferred.


Q: Will you attend any type of ceremony?
A: Yes. We provide a service to all couples for any religion. Our timings are based on
a traditional church wedding, but we can tailor timings to suit. Some Christian
services may run longer that the average 45 minutes and some couples have
particularly close contact with the church and may have refreshments there before
travelling to the reception.


Q: How long do we have the car?
A: Timings for church/register office bookings are based on the following criteria
and, although we are flexible with timings, this schedule will normally
apply :~

  • Pick-up ½ hour before ceremony.
  • Ceremony up to 45 minutes.
  • Photography at Church/Reception 1 hour. [with complimentary champagne]
  • Journey to reception 15 minutes.

If the hirer requires extra time i.e. it is planned to have a full nuptial mass, or extra locations are required for photography, this must be advised and agreed at the time of booking so that extra time can be allocated and charges agreed.


Q: How do we book?
A: As previously stated we always recommend that you visit us so inspect the cars.
Bookings can be taken during that visit time in person or later over the telephone.
We often take provisional bookings on the day at wedding fairs which can then
be finalised at a later date with more precise timings etc. if this is not known on
the day of making the booking.


Q: Do we get written confirmation?
A: All customers are required to complete a detailed booking form which includes all
agreed travel requirements. If any further amendments are to be made at a later
date, e.g. more time, distance or extra photographic locations are added, these may
incur an extra charge. It is important that the customer keeps us advised of any
changes as soon as they are known as this may affect the contract we have with
you. We will contact the customer 1 month prior to the wedding date to finalise all


Q: Is it possible to do more than a single trip?
A: Yes. If this is practical. We use our judgement to advise customers on what is
possible. Weddings need to be a relaxed day. It is always better to travel at leisure
than to risk being late by asking us to cover too much distance.
Traffic conditions can increase travel time considerably, and unexpected road
works or heavy traffic can make a huge difference on the day. We recommend that
there be only one journey from the church to the reception so that the happy couple
get the best from the transport they have chosen without any added stress.


Q: Can we have ribbons on the car?
A: No. It is illegal to obscure vision for drivers. We do however ask for details of
your chosen colour theme so that we can apply bows etc. to suit.


Q: Our church and venue do not have any area for photos, what can you suggest?
A: We appreciate that not all churches/venues have suitable areas for photos so are
happy to visit another [nearby] location by prior arrangement.


Q: Do you do more than one wedding on the day?
A: No, definitely not!!!! We recognise that this is your special day and don`t want you
to feel pressurised in any way due to any time constraints on our part.


Q: What if the car breaks down?
A: Whilst every effort is made to ensure that our fleet is maintained to the highest
standard there is always the possibility, as in any such business, of mechanical
failure. It would be impossible to promise that a case like this would never arise.
There may be a situation when we would be unable to cover a breakdown in time
or that distance does not allow us to replace a vehicle in time to ensure the
wedding is not delayed, it would be foolish to promise the impossible. We would
provide a replacement car if at all possible; it is obviously not in our interest to
have a reputation for unreliability. In the unfortunate event of us being unable to
provide an alternative vehicle we agree to refund the full cost of the hire of that