We take your privacy very seriously and continue to do everything possible to ensure any data you may share with us is held securely and removed when no longer necessary to provide service to you, or as is mandated by law.

Your personal data is safe with us, we do not give your email addresses to third parties except when requested such as we refer you to another service provider.

Your personal data will be retained for a period of six months following the date of your wedding, at which time all will be deleted. If you require us to delete it at some other point in time please email with your request.

The exception being the documentation that HMRC requires us to keep for a minimum of six years following our annual tax return. That documentation will be encrypted and password protected following our tax return and only re-opened at the request of HMRC. Once the six years has expired all information will then be destroyed.

Other than us, no other party will have access to any of your data with the exception of our accountants who will be able to access only that which they need to complete our annual tax return to HMRC.